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We are the largest supplier of spinnerbait components in Australia, If you want to separate your spinnerbaits from the rest come and see what we have to offer. Blades, Beads, Skirts, Wire forms, Hooks, Swivels, Clevises, Molds, Pre Made Heads,Soft Plastics and a whole lot more. Drop in from time to time as we add new gear all the time. Visit our online Shop www.kingstonlures.com.au

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  • LivePro Minnow Blades

    New Live Pro Minnow blades are Stamped from .016 brass base material so they spin slow and easy. Ultimate live pro fish images on one side with nickel back for extra flash. Available in size 5 only, and four great fish image colours. Liven up your spinners with Live Pro Minnow blades. Sold two per pack.

    15 May at 10:07am

  • New Products

    We have added some more new products CS powder paint gun, more Duo lock Sizes, Mikado Inside Lock Snaps & Connection Links

    15 May at 10:06am

  • Lurestrike 2.5 Inch Ripple Shads

    These SP'S have a shad body with a curl tail that has an enticing ripple action and will attract many different species. 2.5 in" long or close to 65 mm in our measurement, these USA made shads are sure to tangle with a few of our Aussie fish. Ten great colours to choose from, ten per bag.

    8 May at 7:59pm

  • Fly Tying Utility Shears

    Precision shear of austempered tool steel, Perfect for most anything including fly tying components, monofilaments or braided lines, bait building and rod building threads and as a super multi-purpose shear for outdoor and angling uses. Extra sharp razer edges with reflex action makes work fast and easy, everyone should have one of these for fishing, hunting, camping, outdoor and hobby uses.

    8 May at 7:57pm

  • Three new Powder Paint Colours

    We have added three new colours to the Regular powder paint range, Baby Bass Green, Watermelon Flake & Blue. That takes it to 16 colours in total.

    13 April at 3:46pm

  • 13 April at 3:32pm

  • Lunker City 4.5 Shakers now in stock

    Lunker City Shaker 4.5'S are a great soft plastic for use on spinnerbaits and Rumblers as a trailer or simply rig them to you favourite jig head for all those salt-water critters. 115 mm long, 8 per pack & available in 20 colours.

    13 April at 3:23pm

  • Xuron Tool Kits

    New Xuron Tools kit available in a fishing kit and lure making kit comes in a handy pouch that helps protects the tools.

    20 February at 8:58pm

  • Sampo Swivels are now in stock

    Sampo Size 2 Ball Bearing Swivels are now in stock , giving you a great range to spinnerbait swivels to choose from.

    20 February at 8:56pm

  • New Natural 3D Lure Eyes

    We have added natural 3D Lure Eyes to the store, available in four colours, size 6.35 mm and now 4.7 mm

    16 January at 2:10pm

  • New Lurestrike Trout Trolls

    Trout trolls come complete with removable keeled trolling sinker which reduces line twist and takes the Trout Troll deeper. Trout Trolls come in a variety of lengths and blade configurations. LureStrike has carefully selected blades that give of great flash without the heavy drag associated with old trolling rigs. So next time your on the troll think Trout Trolls.

    18 September at 1:12pm

  • New Crystal Flash, Flashbou & Magnum Flasbou

    We have added Crystal Flash, Flashbou & Magnum Flasbou to our store. Great for tying fly's or using on jigs & spinnerbait skirts.

    8 September at 1:05pm

  • Gold Plated Magnum Chatterbait Blades

    We have just received shipment of our new Gold Plated Chatterbait Magnum Blades, these give off a great flash. Limited stock so be quick! They will be fitted on our new Cod Widower Pro Chatterbait stay tuned for more news.

    25 August at 1:43pm

  • New Duel Rotation Swivels

    New Dual Rotation Ball Bearing Swivel
    Brass / Stainless steel construction, unique one piece body design, super smooth rotation. Size 2, Colours Black Nickel & Nickel.

    4 August at 9:23am

  • ProWeld Kit

    New ProWeld Kit
    Proweld is the professional choice for making quick repairs to all soft plastics, this tool has a heated tip that cuts, melts and seals soft plastic lures, baits, plus cutting and sealing fly, braid and monofilament cords and line. Proweld pro fishing tool kit contains all the essentials to keep your bait building, bait repair, rod building and unlimited fishing, outdoor, hunting and home hobby uses convenient, protected and ready for use. Included is the 272 power handle including 121 power tip, one additional replacement 121 power tip, one #110-45 degree angled power tip, two replacement AA batteries and the custom foam lined kit box. Extra power tips available by special order only.

    23 July at 12:25pm

  • New Spinnerbait Pliers

    New Spinnerbait & Wire Looping Pliers
    The exclusive Spinnerbait & Wire Looping Pliers is another top tournament professional secret for the ultimate ease when building or repairing spinnerbaits, as well as any outdoor, hobby, household or general purpose use, where 90 degree full round wire bend is needed. This patented design eliminates nicks in the wire that can lead to compromising the wire tensile strength resulting in breakage. Three position provide 1/8"-3/16"-1/4" and larger bends or coils. Finely polished surgical stainless to protect the wire with full box joint construction for long term durability. Perfect for making & repairing your own spinnerbaits or fine tuning or repairing spinnerbaits on the water.

    18 July at 2:00pm

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